I will die,
I will fight,
I will build,
I will yield to
I will spill it when you ask
When you undress,
When you uncover,
When you pull back the
Covers—naked as I am,
Naked in the sand, buried
Again—I will cave,
I will save myself,
I will not deny you,
Yet I always do,
I am on the beach,
You are in the reach,
You are eating like its
No feast, you are resurrected,
We are still alive,
We cannot see you,
Yet you let us see—
You present yourself
Alive to us—we are fools,
We will deny, will choose not
You, will choose destruction,
And the internal eruption—
I am bled, and I am dead—
Your word does undress
Us, naked we are before You—
I will not cave unless its in
Me, I will not fall unless You
Are real—in crisis, what will
You do?

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