Its A Building I Am Building

It’s a building I am building
I am deep in the depths of my
Own depravity, I am my own
Cavity, I am my own enemy,
I speak over me, indulge in me,
Resurrect the dissected deaths
That die in me—I am the news
In the envelope, I am the news
That has been kept secret,
The paternity test,
The blood and the mess,
The accident that was never
The litmus—I am on purpose,
I am fashioned, I am not rationed,
I am not an impulse, or just an idea–
I am toxic—I am boxed in
And sedated,
I am addicted
Addicted to escape,
To my own hope,
Naked in the sand,
In the sand of humans—
In the sand of the times
That blow past me,
We are not meant to
Live dead, to just exist—
To just survive–
I am building,
It’s a building,
A home, a dwelling place
For you to sit in,
In my disgust and my
Rejection of you I will
Keep building—for You die
For those that don’t love you,
The ingrate at the gate

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