I Am Intention

I am the intention
The invention you walk upon
The building being built
The guilt being felt,
Corrupt is the felt tip pen
I write on, I watch upon—
Characters are crying for a
Way out—for a way to renounce,
I will not settle,
I will not live in regret,
Baseball connect,
Bases to recollect
The regret, before ice there
Was dust, there was the curse—
Eating it and being certain of the
Weeds, and certain of not being
At ease—my desire is not for you—
And I shall rule over me—
I am the serpent in the ashes,
The serpent in the pace that is
Collecting—I am recollecting that
I am not women, that I am not
With blonde and brown and
Shiny fragrance things,
Rather I do not give birth,
I do not conceive, I do not
Receive death and its
Invitation, and its new
Reinvention, I have the
Attention to detail,
For the devil is in the
Hell I live in, He is the
Tempter but I am without
Excuse, I am just intention,
I am just a little more sincere,
A little bit more nice,
Nice is not enough,
Attendance doesn’t do
You justice—all is the
Standard, all is what you

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