Won’t Waste It

Had to remember desperation
And remember the aspiration,
And remember the old inspiration,
When I walked in with no hesitation,
When you met me halfway,
When you stood in the way,
When you ended up in my dreams,
When you waited on the blankets,
That covered my reach,
That was on the beach,
That was fireworks,
That was a moment,
That was all that you were
To me,
When I had to remember
I waited until November,
Older, better, stronger, wiser–
I am the issue God, the smog,
The fog, the one on the rise—
The one with the surprise—
I answer to You, God,
I answer to the life You have
Made for me, when I remember
All that You are, and what You
Have done—I will not waste
These moments, I will not
Waste them

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