To Much Talking

Talk is cheap. Talk is just the words coming out of your mouth. Talk is the difference between intention and action. Talk is everything that is in between reality. Reality, however, reality is what remains and what gets produced in actuality. The theory goes that the mind is either full of chemicals that regulate behaviors or it is really more so man’s awareness of himself and his ambitions. The answer to the great debate is both. The mind is both biological and psychological. The mind, however, is to big to say in this post. Talking, however, comes out of the mind. Talking is what you do to echo what is presently in your mind( or your head) but talking just by itself can become a hindrance. Talking all the time about the direction in which you wish to go with your life and the aspirations and goals that you want to accomplish can be a very deceptive path to walk down.

I am 28 years old now and have been hearing sermon after sermon of what it means to be a good Christian and what it means to follow after Christ. My bias has been soaked in Charismatic thinking coupled with a heavy emphasis on prayer, worship and intercession. And at the center of most sermons has been the need for intimacy and personal devotion and time spent with Jesus.

The talk of the Kingdom, the talk of love, the talk of change and the talk of Christianity all must occur. We must talk and process these things weekly at church and even more so daily in our lives with God. But to much talking about the concepts and to much talking about the intentions can get us to a very different place then we would maybe expect.

I think a huge part of Christian maturity is learning how to come out of just talking about concepts of justification, salvation and sanctification and evangelism and actually move into a place of really being the change. The crossover into the ‘fullness of God’ I believe looks like being a people that do not just hear and listen to the talk and are even known a little for being able to ‘talk the talk.’

But we grow past talking and into doing. Where the intention meets the reality and the reality is what we are judged for. The reality of our hearts and minds is that which remains when the flame and the fire tests our works that are before God.

I don’t have all my ‘saved as though by fire’ theology worked out but I believe that for us as followers of Christ it is time for us to move past just having good intentions or even wanting to make your writing have value and have impact on people, but to find ways in your life( with the grace of God) to stop just talking and start creating the reality.

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