have this longing
And there is all the bombings,
Stripes and stars and war scars,
Torn and scorn and dead presidents,
Empty cabinets, where is the opening?
Where has it been spoken of?
A thousand to come,
A thousand to overcome,
I am naked now,
Under the microscope,
Could I sit and listen?
Could I sit and see and
Hear the Son of man with
A crowd to cheer—He is here,
He is near, He is sitting with
Me, I am the cabinet,
Waiting to be heard,
Waiting to give the
Input—did I walk close
Enough to you to be
Able to listen?
Will the intimacy carry
Winter, carry Spring,
Carry hard and unseen
Things? Carry through,
Carry to—I am here,
The counsel, the wisdom,
The only one worthy is
You—and I say yes to
A life of death, of poor,
Of poverty, of criticism
For loving the invisible

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