You feel it, don’t you?
Death taking its turn on you,
Not giving up on you—
She was available,
It was an empty night,
Empty parking lot,
Friends in the circle,
Friends in the lurch,
She’s still on the search,
Has left the church,
God is not near,
God is not hear—
To much to gather,
To much to collect,
To much to recollect—
Its Saturday and its
Night, its lined up right—
Tightness around me,
Around the bodies,
Around the neck,
Around the wreckage—
Its lonely, its night,
Its fog, its ocean,
I am in it, lost
Around the circle,
She’s the middle,
She’s in it—
Around those people
Over there—its illegal—
To live lethal,
To live no regal to
Lift up—its Saturday-
Its another day of death

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