All In

Come and leave all of this begind.
I am in and I am out God,
I am all the way followed and not
Hallowed by You and for You,
I am the bargain, I will hold the jargon
and the sparks you so easily give to me,
I am the switchboard Lord, and the wine in
The snow mountains, and the trip into the
City, and the Walter Mitty that day dreams,
That lives for another life, that misses dad,
That had it bad because absence took a hold of him,
I am the airplane, and the jets of the inventions,
and the jettison, and meeting my wired intentions,
I am technology, I am in and fully committed,
To dark and hard and crooked, yet You will
Not stop until I am changed, until I am
The wheat and the tare, you do care,
Where my seed lands and leads me

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