Not Explosions

By the docks
With no socks
With feet in the water,
With a sister, with a daughter,
With a princess at best, and a
Criminal in the thermal heat.
The not normal, I live at
Nominal, I live at zero, I
Live at negative below,
A cold heart is a stolen
Heart, with wind and blood
And the donations of you and
Me, I had fire, I had sparks,
I had no place to put the explosions,
You were chosen from before time
To sit and waste away at me,
To be next to the water,
To be next to the Father,
The world is docks,
The world is no socks,
No foundation,
No feet to walk in,
The world is the salvation
I am not a firework,
Or an explosion,
I am just a blip,
Just a blank slate,
Just a piece in the
Maze, but I refuse to
Believe what I write
Are needed to be
Not receded—
Make me fire,
Make me burn

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