Edge Of Life

I had life
I had smile
I had worthwhile
I had the edges of a sketch
And the sketch of perfect
Formed it, formed me You did,
She did make believe, two of
Me, two to be, you are separate
Now, lost in the middle,
In that miserable middle life
One with no wife, no home,
No comb to comb the bland
Streaks that you have called you,
It poured, the just and the unjust,
Rain came and my had slipped away,
I lost him to ease, to comfort,
To little effort,
Sister called and sister tried,
Brother talked, brother cried,
Brother danced with me,
Brother said please don’t ever
Give up on me,
I heard death and listened to
Close, young nephew to never
Knew the things to kill
And things to steal,
It slipped,
Me and death,
Apartment life not good
Enough for this American
Sham, for this great no one,
I drifted, I let go,
I tried escape plan,
Blood bank,
New heart,
New spark,
New death to have to die,
They did appear,
They did die for me,
They did come and my had
Had never been so desperate,
I was not a blip, or an empty shell
Of a lover, I was a fighter,
I was the united at once,
I was remembered,
I was with tubes til
November, I was not
Forgotten and I am not
Lost anymore

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