Runway Love

Runway love
Drips in the glove
Catching you
Catching me
Living empty with no fuel
With a lot of drool
With a fool of a soul
With a loss for control
I won’t stop living
I won’t stop loving
Stolen years
Stolen tears
Stolen fears dressed
In safety, paraded as protection,
Can’t save you anymore,
Can’t let you sleep in this
Mind, I can’t rest, I can’t bleed,
I can’t succeed at lying to
It’s white, it’s dark river green.
It’s a small town,
All is to own the love I
Display, if it’s real then please
Stay, stay asleep in this mind.
I must get off this runway,
Get off this foggy dream,
You are all that I have left,
I will take off, I will find You,
I will live, I will be until I am
What has been

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