Young, I Am

I am young, I am
Adult, the access and
The excess, it drips over
Me, what about me is grown.
What about me is known?
Death is coming
I can hear the drumming
The bayonets, the vignette sealed
Memories, I am the silhouette
You call a man, I am in the shadow,
You have walked in it, they can feel
It, I am fake and plastic, I bend
But don’t break, gun, bullets,
Blood filled silhouettes,
News today,
Pulling me under, I am
Not grown, or known,
I am fading with the rain,
Circling the drain,
Death to come,
Time to be grown and mature,
Safe and ready,
Risk is that disc you spin
In your head,
Take me dead but
Let me live first

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