Give Me

Just wanted to see,
Cause I was born blind,
Deaf and mute and not
A straight shooter, not a
Traffic commuter, not a lover
Of noise, or fake poise, or the
Appearance of sports and the
Fantasy that goes with it—
Rather I was born in front of
It, in front of the moments—
Fire ladder in hand, dance with
The stand of parents near to it,
Five o’ clock was the start of my
Shadows and the endless meadows
I stayed with–
I was born on it, the stage, the theater,
The man of a performance,
The man of rare importance—
Then death had its way,
Love could win,
Love could stand,
Love could fly across
The country—I am up,
I am raised, I am praised for
My weaknesses, I am cut and slit,
And the stitches stayed, the scars
Do remain—my chains are real,
The gospel is in me,
Now death does take a hold of me,
Now I fall,
Now I fail,
Now I eat with assistance,
Now I feast and wait for the
Beast—I am in need,
Of water, of breath,and of
Everything only God
Can give me

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