Had The Haves

I had it,
Had all the haves
You could want and
Live in, sunrise to my
Surprise, was in need of light,
Was up all night,
Was trying to get it right—
Out of mind is not out of sight—
Thoughts of you line up the sky
Real bright, my Samsonite with me
All the secret things of me locked in it,
Red train, red trails, Redwings to despise,
Ceiling jump, Stanley Cup, it was victory,
It was radio, it was static, it was years of
Unclear dreams and painful realities—
Now I am out,
Had the had that
I could ever want to
Have—backseat chaser,
Storm chaser,
Blanket spread,
Leaves were never dead,
Fire and explosion,
Had you to cold,
Needed you warm,
Needed you like the norm,
Then came the storm
And black was white—
Night was light,
Ceiling stare where
Is he, where is the
Connection—fire and
Rain, fire and pain—
Should have had the
Had that you could cling to—
Blanket spread, feet like led—
Summer is a sad season
When all is stripped away—
My love for you, God, will
It please not fade away—
For those that I have lost
And those that I have found—
Let my love be sound and
Clear and really, really near

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