New York Trip Recap

IMG_1123In light of posting 10 days ago that I was leaving for New York it would be super fun to update you on how the trip went. I have intentionally left out a lot of details of certain events and struggles I feel apt to talk about in a far, far away place and time from now.

But if you have been reading this blog for some time you will know that from 2004 to 2012 I was in Kansas City and in between from 2009 to 2010 I was living in Orange County working at Trader Joes. Many references in most of my poetry is referring to the last decade of change and transition and all that came with living in Kansas City.

IMG_1348   IMG_1329

Zack Hensley and his wife, Carrie and their three children(Natalie, Evan and Fintan) now live in Rochester, New York. Zack is the senior pastor of New Hope church in Bloomfield. Nate and Katty wood and their two children are also with Zack, helping and working with the church.

I first met Zack when I was in Fire in the Night which began September 2004. Zack and I lived together til he got married in October of 2008. We did the night watch together, ate out at IHOP pancakes nearly everyday for a couple years and then later worked together with David Sliker and others for Awakening Teen Camp. Zack became the director of it and led it for 5 summers in a row. ATC has been an indelible experience and even as it is summer right now I wish, wish I was in KC this summer serving and loving on teens. Making videos for the camp was my specific and much blessed job!

But Zack has been a brother, a friend, a pastor to me, a leader to many and his family feels like my family. His transition to New York has been a great time for him and his family.


Pretty much we ate wings, pizza, sub sandwiches, philly mac attack-cheese steak sandwiches. That was just the food part.


My other good friend, Eric, has also lived in New York too and the adventures of Elmwood drive lived on. Eric and I adventured into the depths of Stoney something with multiple waterfalls and a very freezing pool to jump into.( river water of course)


Zack preached at Camp Judah which was super fun and and awesome night of getting to connect with a lot of people I have been around for many years in Kansas City.

garbage plate

Garbage Plate at Steve T’s was very epic. It is amazing how simple ingredients mixed with the right amount of grease and ketchup make for a very delicious meal that might keep you up if you eat it to late at night.


Heartburn was the last side effect of great eats and just being able to see Zack and Carrie and their very, very cute kids was such a blessing for me. Next time Niagra Falls and Washington D.C. gotta happen. And its possible that we might see Buddy the Elf if we go to Times Square at Christmas time.

4th of July kept its somewhat tradition alive with watching something somewhat patriotic but nothing compares to Will Smith in Independence Day.

The last day of the trip ended with hearing Zack preach at New Hope in Bloomfield. It was also a baby dedication too, which was sweet. Eric led worship and Zack preached on walking in the Spirit and warring on negativity and complaining.


I love, love my friends in New York and the friendships that have formed over the past ten years( with Zack) and the last four years with Eric. I am so blessed to be able to connect and stay connected over the years. Its amazing where we end up on the journey. I think the key to any transition is to know that your love for Jesus will be tested through the good, the bad and the confusing. Looking back and seeing where your heart is today puts in perspective the gratitude of the direction in which God has led you.


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