Ceremonies And Symptoms

What are you waiting for?
Electric is the ground I walk
On, electric is the city I see,
I see it nightly, the pretty ladies
The desperate men, the pain in the
Abdomen—all of them do bend,
And try to pretend that aches and
Painful things are for the poor and the
Destitute—o, rich church, o endless
Lovers on the outside and radical
Devotion—I hear, I adhere, I attend
The ceremonies and the symptoms
Of them keep me in and out I go
Not a changed man, not a new person—
Desperate I stay for that touch that
Was there on that day—I waited with
You—I had it quickly—a snapshot
Of my future—under the shade tree
I lye awake with a heart ache–
I cannot die alone,
I cannot die to the dust
Until the rust comes off—
Do not return to me,
Do not return for me–
I am a lover, I am a fighter—
I am just a lover on the
Only change inside
Means Christ is alive—
Change me God,
Or I am nothing

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