Flame Test

All that dreaming
All that hair twirling
All that pain,
All that death,
All that turbulent in the
Fallen taste buds,
All the slime I lived in,
Alll the crimes that were
Committed, all the sins
Now requited–I can’t change,
Even if I tried, regret is the second
Death, its what comes after living,
Its what drives the madness,
Its the source of the sadness,
Its man’s obsession,
Its man’s apprehension,
Its my secret ambition
To fight it, to light it,
To let it burn, to let the
Flames of my love be
Tested–not with fakeness,
Or niceties, or the attitudes
Of man’s platitudes—nothing
Will do it, not even the pulpit,
I am the culprit—the ceremony
Is over—the reality is in—
Burn the bibles, kill the
Revivals—the flame will
Test all that fakeness of
Our protections—
I am dead, and
That’s the only place
To start

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