Summer Travels Continues..Kansas City here we come!

Summer is notorious( at least in SoCal!) for beach bumming it, surfing(if you know how), lots of sun, bonfires at night and endless amounts of sun rays upon the face. Luckily for me my middle eastern hue only takes the sun and makes me look closer and closer to many various tan skinned ethnic groups. My future of preaching the Gospel to many different tribes and cultures comes out in my ability to jettison a sunburn.

New York was this summer’s first big adventure and now its off to Kansas City!

I left Kansas City January 2013 and have only been back once since then. I was blessed and honored to have gone back in March to the IHOPU ministry fair with my senior pastor, Craig Lawrence. I was able to reconnect with a lot of people and eat really good food at Port Fonda and grab my hockey gear!


Now, its the last and final of my stuff that I am getting back which will include some very old and fun video camera footage from years ago. As the fantasy football season approaches the old footage will get infused into the weekly podcast. That is a whole post in it of itself..showing you those fun videos. But Kansas City marks now 10 years in my life. Having gone fall 2004..this is a significant year. I look at everything that KC built and established in me and the many, many stories that go with it. To go back there is always nothing but a blessing due to so many close relationships and amazing friendships.

We are driving back this road trip!


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