What Do I Stand For?

What do I stand for?
I am nuclear
I am near you,
You are around the corner
You were never waiting,
I was never loving,
I was never forthcoming,
I was never that kind of man,
That kind of brand,
That kind of sad excuse for
Another drink—
I am here to think,
To ask,
To seek,
To knock—
What do I stand for?
You push,
You bend,
The world of evil men—
I am not the right focus,
Its all on me the onus—
I am ready for nothing,
Able for anything—
I am Jack Ryan,
I am the Oblivion,
The Jack Reacher,
The James Bond,
The Jack Bauer,
The Walter White, from
Russia with love,
Russia from above—
Gog to come,
Magog to follow—
A hollow field of dead
Bodies—one enemy—
A thousand drifters,
A few survivors—
Is a man on the screen
What happens in boring
Reality—in life like this?
Cause if that is real—
Then I want nothing to
Do with that—nails,
Blood, crucified Son—
All that it is—make me
Apart of that—that is
What I want to stand for

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