All Of Me

Can’t say that I would
Could never could go over
Next to you, stage freight,
Up all night, desert streams,
Desert dreams,
Dry is a man,
Empty is a man,
Without hunger,
I am no asunder,
No Son of Thunder–
I am not as lightning,
As a flash He will
Appear, I will adhere-
I am not clear who
I am in love with, or who I am with,
Had you back when it was
More than just a myth,
Now all have fallen,
Church isn’t enough,
Sentences not enough,
Commas and broken
Fragments are all I
Feel I have,
I am empty God
But still full of the world,
Of its sword,
I am but just division,
I will lye in derision-
I will not tear down this
Body, I will not mutilate
It, I will not sit and waste
Away upon myself-
I will not hate what you
Purchased, I will love
What you love and
That is all of me

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