Summer Drifter

Its was a sea affair
With salt in the air,
Lonely life, lonely
Knife, slit it, made an
Opening—let it bleed,
Did try to succeed at it—
Death, it is not your name—
It is not the ocean, it is not
The reign—fire pits and
Tennis courts—down by it,
Found you there in the mid-air,
Two jobs, two numbers, never
Available, never reliable—
Firework girl, firework swirl,
Stage freight, up all night—
Are you warm now?
Are you cold inside?
Streaks and streaks of
You remember me—
All those wasted
Moments, all those
Wasted summers after
It, trying to try to fall in
Love—I am dull,
You are full of the itch,
The lust, the endless revision
Of you and I,
Of those that come and go—
Can I ever start again?
I am invisible in these
Full rooms, in those
Full tables for four
And a million,
Freeway is me,
Always speeding ahead—
Don’t see me alone,
Don’t see me desperate
For something more than
This nine to five—
I have to escape
I cannot live normal
Anymore—I am after
That beauty,
That life,
That kind of lonely
Living—only you can
Fill it in God,
Fill me in—
Summer is useless
Without love—for
The beach is out of
Reach—for I cannot
Walk on it anymore—
Not until you get here,
Not until you decide
To stay with me—
I am empty,
I don’t know how else
To say it—I waste God,
I waste away!

4 thoughts on “Summer Drifter

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