Driveway Repeat

Don’t leave
Was harder to receive
Edge of the driveway
Mainstay, stand still,
Spring thrill,
Winter ride,
Snow was the tide
To ride upon,
Darkened bangs,
Darkened fangs,
Bit into me,
Now I was not so
Lovely—summer was
Always so wonderful,
Spring to much of miserable—
I had it with you the steps close
To love, to new, to anew—September
Better, August past us in behind the
Porch lit memories—life is the porch
I am standing on, standing upon—
My ruckus is ruined, my life
Has been ruined—for Holy is
The man I seek, is the face I
Go after—I dig into you God,
Edge of it, edge of the driveway,
I am in the middle of nothing
Trying to find something—
Waiting was never my
Strength, was never
The way it worked out
For the both of us—
Now I still wait,
But wait for change,
Wait for the words to
Come alive again,
This is love!
This is death
Negative and positive
Are daily so I press into
The upward call,
And remember the
Fall, but push delete,
Put your love on repeat

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