Empty Fuse

Empty man,
Thirsty man,
Like the firework display
And all that can burn away—
Feet on the docks,
Empty with no socks,
Heavenly Father, there
Is no other—you blasted it,
Made a dent—four to a table,
Was no fable, hidden in the shadows—
Do you love the cool kids?
Do you love me when I don’t
Fit into this skin you made for me?
I hate it man says the way I was made—
Empty me,
Thirsty me
A fuse before the display
A life of limping,
A life of leaning,
A life of glistening—
I must not settle
I must not just rest
In this comfort—
I must not just be
This way—I must
Now go another way—
Empty me,
Thirsty me—
Come and fill it
That part that was made
For you—if not I am just
A fuse, feet stay cold,
Life grows old—
I will not waste another
Second of that which will
Not do it

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