In The End

Checking it,
The measure of my treasure,
Black lights on the white wall—
What have I stored away after all?
Stains and creases,
Wrinkles and straight faces—
Serious is the delirious part of me—
Heart burns, heart yearns, it bleeds
For the end—for it is near—a Kingdom
To hear—I cannot hear anymore things
To do, or things to be like or messages
To spike the adrenaline
I am the bludgeoned stain you seek,
My treasure is filthy,
Its stained gold,
Its growing old—
I will not waste those
Pictures that you take—
Those albums of life’s
Long hard lessons—
I will not live with regret–
I will make a list of all
The possible ways out of
Death, out of consequences,
Out of facing You on that Day—
But now it is to late,
I have started,
I have stared—
I have taken to much of
Your air God, now I answer
For my crimes,
For my hidden stains,
For my Gospel death
Chains—I have no reward
In the end if love has not
Controlled me—I seek
Lovely, for you are worthy!

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