Movie Review from my phone..heroes in a half shell

It’s either Turtles or heroes in a half shell but I should really know since I just watched this film less than six hours ago. I am blogging this from my phone. Editing my summer adventures recently have given me a new sense of appreciation for the people in my life.

It may feel that you don’t know all of my story and bits a pieces of it have come forth in the past year. I have intentionally left out many things but can tell you one day you will know.


This summer has been my first in the much heated Pomona. My experience at the movies usually coincides with joining the summer fever and for the most part all the big releases have been hit.. Seeing everything is never the goal but with some serendipity it has almost happened this summer.

Reviews can be so negative and I mostly mean Rotten Tomatoes and it’s very overtly high expectations. This doesn’t mean I disagree with what reviewers have to say but I still side with child like faith and go against the grain of most I know that squash the awe and beauty of a sunset. The believer in me brings out the best in others because living fully alive is the only way to live.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for decades now and I can clearly remember watching the cartoon, playing the video game and watching the three live action less special effect driven movies in the nineties.

This film attempted to retell the story and the inception of the almost Bruce Banner Frankenstein experimentation of mutant Ninjas and leader of the pack, Splinter.


Basic Breakdown:

Eric Sacks in front of the public of New York City is a humble, public servant, ready to extinguish evil for the sake of “keeping the whole city safe,” but secretly he in kahooz with Shredder( the infamous leader of the foot clan). Sacks used to work with April O’ Neal’s father when they both thought their harvesting of mutant turtles was  a total flop due to a fire. Truth be told the reason why the building burned down was because April’s father found out what Sacks was really up to. April is desperate for a power house of a story and finally gets it when the Turtles break Splinter’s commands and surface above the ground.

The Turtles with the help of April and Vern are able to stop Sacks and resurrect Splinter from the dead with the same chemical combination that created them in the first place. Skating down a snowy mountain in a truck and fighting Shredder on a tower that is about to collapse..well, it doesn’t surprise me that this is the way many action sequences turn out works for this film.

Closing thoughts: The Turtles live on even if the reviews are bad. The zippy one-liners and the pizza loving appeal to maybe more so the Millenials(already 14 years old now) and that is totally okay. When I read Story by Robert McKee in 2009 I did heavily agree with him that what we see every year in the movies is the best of the best that writers can offer. The same guys that crafted Mission Impossible 4 wrote this movie and sure its not the same as that film but it still can be successful. Due to its much impressive opening weekend( I saw this on Sunday August 10th) they want to make a comeback sequel, so there you can’t always listen to the much overly cynical Rotten Tomatoes.



The world is craving super heroes and always will. The world is also craving original stories. So its okay if you get a not so epic film that does a little bit of both. In the meantime you can look forward to Interstelller for love is the only thing that will transcend space and time.

Keep in mind that this generation sells out more easily not so much for awesome scripts and stories but for great special effects and not all the time does that work but it does in this case.

Some funny one-liners

“Angel Cake..I totally did not get the ending to Lost!”

I guess that is all I really remember besides realizing that Donatello is a nerd, Mikey is the goofy one with the sense of humor, Raphael is the alpha male trying to fight for control of the group and Leonardo is the truest of leaders for the group.


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