Wind With

Wind with
With wind
Time to apprehend,
Time for time to end,
For forever to begin,
For the faces that have
Nothing but shadowed
Memories of lives full of empty—
Do I have what you ask for?
Do I have what you desire?
Do I have the wind?
Wind with me please,
Someone to shield,
Someone to yield,
Some fruit to peel
Back, some hearts with
Lack—I am still empty
When the stadium is
The medium,
When the crowd is
Loud and the loudest
I can be—is the shadow
Where all men stay—
Because without light
I cannot get anything
Right—for evil is what
I crave, for knives and
Guns and explosions,
Are all men expendable?
Mercenaries or lovers?
Just simple church goers—
Not good enough,
I am waiting for the world
To fall away, so the end
Can come, so light can reign
But please let us not be apart
Of the dark things we know will
Come—let us be lovers of the
Wind, of the light—of all that
Is pure and right

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