The Orange Descent

Caught up in it,
Spin doctor it,
Need the medicine
Need the reticent parts
To erase the colorful parts,
Objects and pieces,
Tightened creases
Life in pieces
Orange town on the
Descent, this flavor is
Reminded in November,
Got your picture but is it
Ever over? Will I burn as I
Grow older? Will orange in
Me burn out quickly,
I can’t recall ever forgetting
But never forging new memories
In me, summer of poison,
Summer of chemicals,
Head is not right,
Lover of the light,
The ache is here
I am near,
Orange flames I need to
Succeed in this material city
All are pretty and call to me,
Everything on the phone,
Call me home,
Orange is deception
Give me the colors of love
On the inside

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