Sex And Society

Deeply concerned should any man and women be at the innocence that gets so easily lost. A generation of purity needs to arise.

Its to idiotic to watch it
Like the hypnotic white sheets
You cover yourself with,
Purity is a myth,
Innocence is a streak upon
The wall, lose it at the ball,
Lose it with the fall of adolescence,
Remember lust, hold it near to you—
For it will eat away at you all your
Days—teenage is a new stage,
A new age of waste, stop and
Won’t stop goes the white tight
Pants, goes the crowd with the dance—
One thing to always remember—I
Will be better in November—older
Then, can’t take it back now—
The sheets and the purity then—
And the innocence I used to feel—
Lost it to young many would say—
Lost it to someone that is lost now—
That is forgotten—man, it was so fun,
It was so in the moment—the sun,
The moon, the stars I took out for you—
That princess that did stalk me—
Those aisles daily, that face regularly—
Valentine me, stay with me, never did
It get straight again—up all night with
The English Patient waiting for your
Exit—beach day, next day, innocence
Again out with the sand, out with my hand—
I gave away all the good things in me—
Waiting for matrimony, for more pauses—
For many becauses haunt me now—I have
To be whole for the one with the song,
The one with the sound, the one that plays
Real loud in my head, the one that is ahead
In all the right ways—she waits and he waits—
Tragedy now is blue and black and all the wrong
Bruises that I carry with me for you—tragedy
Is that no one waits anymore—all are nihilists
Living in their exile—all are pleasure seekers
Not waiting for any kind of protection to take
Over—fathers are gone, mothers are present but
To soft is the man today, to wimpy is the Jesus we
Paint, to addicted to being happy is the world around
Me—I am not going to get positive, I am going to
Get transformative—and that, with all the purity it
Takes will require all of me—
So I can’t take back mistakes now
But I can change my mind and how I think
About the future of sex and society—
I will stay pure, and stay real sure—
Even if the world can’t see that kind
Of future

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