Paste And Recoil

Summer days
Was always in a haze
Was always a big fat maze to
Live in—never thought I’d end
Up a wasted memory, an empty
Fuse of a not so supercharged life—
Pictures flipping, reality skipping—
Social networking all the marks of
Lonely, all the marks of disconnect—
All the things to connect to—
Try to see the way you smile now—
Is it the same as I before? Or is life
Older now? Don’t waste it Yinsen said,
Your heart is electric burning on
Power that you can’t give yourself—
Waste and oil,
Haste and spoil,
Paste and recoil—
Paste it on your memory-
Paste it past summer and what is
Never was—I sat in exile,
I sat under the pain you offer—
And the things all unproper—
I need work, I need labor—
I need a not so safe future
Anymore—I can’t paste the
Same—can you use these unholy
Eyes—these unholy lullabies—
Can I worship war some more?
For violence consumes the man
That does not know who he is

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