Could Never Be Ready

Could never be ready
For change did take a hold of me
Coast to coast, soul does boast now—
In front, darkened sky, wondering why—
Weather was a tethered lie to walk with—
Hugs in the leather, through all the midnight
Weather—I was made aware, it was instagram,
It was permanent rescue—it was branded on my arm
Just for you—warm was over, love was welcomed in—
I was with you in my mind, I was never on time to
My own dreams—I was yelling empty me God,
Empty parking lot with you—could have never thought
Of all the thoughts I have now—dreams are over,
Locksmith to unlock me, to stay up late with me—
Broken heart, broken car, letting you know now
That pain is the only way to grow
And is the only way I know—
I am sick of fake, sick of intentions,
Sick of wishing to change, sick of the change
That appears to be for free—
Sick of sitting on the false things
That don’t save a man but kill him
Slowly—I am violent against the culture
That says you can float all your days—
If you want a man, world, then here I am
I will change, I will not be what they call
Conform—I will change that norm—for
Love is the only way to grow up

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