The Prize

It’s raining,
It’s pouring,
The world is snoring,
King has paid in full for
Life that can’t be dull,
Am I full or a fool?
Stadium is the medium,
It’s all around me, the crowd
Is real loud, and empty fits me
Like a crown of thorns,
Yet I do not suffer,
You are perfect and I am
A little afraid,
I can’t manipulate the love
You display, am I the man You
Say I am, the depression has
Left in succession with my
Submission to You,
Under is the man that wants
To go over, Noah save me
I am my own flood,
And You seem no good to
The world around me,
Easy I don’t need to succeed
Or to even see,
Fear is the start,
Love is the prize
And You are my end

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