Everlasting at 4am
Eternal weeping,
Tears of anger
For a baby to become a
Man, upon Yourself You
Took it, I am in this ticket
For two, movie theater lights
And brights that try to comfort
Me, I am the usher with no
Flashlight, I am up all night,
Cops verse the cape and
There is still an ache,
Bus pass around this broken
City, they line up for it weekly,
Those who want no mercy,
Thirsty the poor man says for
Just a little relief,
For unbelief is the currency
Of heaven,
Walking in the Son,
Shadow power is in
My grasp, I waste my life
Just to ask for authority,
Instead I have constant agony,
Death to this thing called
Volition, called final election,
I am in need of capacity,
To contain, to obtain a new
Promise, problems with power,
Poor is more,
Death must follow a life fully
In love

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