Fantasy Man

Wasteland grab my hand
Waste away with me,
Cave into the sound of
That stronger voice,
Between the rocks are the
Socks over the water in the
Empty docks
Turn it up now who you are
And what you are not,
Beauty is in these eyes At every sunrise I see
Your face in the crowds,
Who can share ?
Who is here?
Shadows under those eyes,
Sties in these skies for it’s
Smell is of more than one
I am mesmerized by the simonized
Shine your dreams give me,
It has lasted this long of just
Voices and vibrations, just the form
As my norm, a fantasy man cannot
Stand, for I am deletion to my
Own extinction,
A fantasy man
Has parts and the upper without
The lower, the back without the
Front, the curves with no edges,
The sound without a voice or a shape, Or color up match all you say to me
I am forever waiting to
Wait no more,
Satisfy what has me awake
When I mean to sleep

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