At the Angels game and other updates

Way to late on the intention here.. I started writing this two weeks ago!

Prefacing the start of this post with the fact that there is a lot happening right now in life and a much overdo update is need. Just about one month ago I was on Colorado where I grew up and I was blessed with the chance of going to a Rockies game. Spending any amount of time in Colorado one must go to Coors Field and experience a game there. But since then I have also gone to an Angels game and now at another Angels game as I write this.


The first paragraph began at the actual game( Saturday September 13, 2014) but somewhere between trying to not fall asleep and watching Trout hit two homers and one double and getting an even better view of the after game fireworks from a place near the stadium I guess I didn’t pick this post back up. But, as this blog keeps growing in followers–some 236 of you as of now–I feel I would love to update the season I am in and the season I feel the body of Christ might be in and what is happening here in Pomona, California.

In the About page on this blog I talk about how since January I have lived in Pomona and have been apart of New Life Community Church. This place has radically changed my life( as well as IHOP-KC, and Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, CO). I first came to visit New Life church it was April 2011. We were getting ready for Awakening Teen Camp 2011 and also working on preparing for a Elijah Revolution conference headed up by David Sliker. Part of our preparation for the conferences was traveling around to different churches in San Diego and Los Angeles rallying young adults to come to Elijah Revolution. That trip was by far one of the best ministry trips ever in the 8 years I lived in Kansas City.


But long story short I live in Pomona and I have since January 2014. Since then I have been in a program that the church calls Encounter School of Discipleship. The purpose of the program has been getting equipped not just for a life of ministry, but for a life of radical pursuit of intimacy with Jesus. I spent 8 years at IHOP-KC doing nothing but doing the program and learning the disciplines. Compared to most people I know that have had the same upbringing as me in terms of sitting in church multiple times a week since give years old. I came to a point when I was 18 years old when I realized that I did not know much about God even though I was around God language for many, many years. The goal of the program in churches should be that we teach people how to take all that assumed knowledge of God and how to break that down so that it makes sense to you and so that you can better understand who you are in Him. It does kids and teens a huge disservice to just treat ministry to them as leaders just hoping they will get through their school experience unscathed from the world by drugs, alcohol and sexual sin. We have to teach people how to know who they are before God. At out church we emphasize our spiritual identity over our natural identity. We use the acronym called P.A.W. Which means Position, Appearance and Wealth. We are saying that we look at those three things in the eyes of the Kingdom of heaven and not what the world would call it.

It has been a journey learning how to build community and lasting friendships. It has been a wonderful challenge for us to sit and to pray and to do it faithfully 8am to 10am 4 days a week and every Friday night from 6 to 11pm. Intercession will always be apart of my life, but it seems that IHOP-KC is not the only place that is doing it. Taking the value of living prayer and fasting and wanting to usher in the Second Coming of Christ without getting so wrapped up in the exact time and date that it is going to happen. And, also, not getting wrapped up with the order of the events( although we are to know as much as God will allow us in the boundaries of Scripture).

The update is that life is hard. Life is challenging. And wanting to do it all for God doesn’t always alleviate the challenges or alleviating the difficulties. I embrace them. My poetry for the past four or five months has been centered around the truth that I must embrace that it will be hard and that the addictions and the things that stand in the way. I am not wanting to identify with my sin, or with the darkness that seems to stand in the way. But understanding a right perspective of depravity is important in understanding the crucial need for transformation. But it seems a myth to say that now in the new Covenant of “grace” means that we work less and don’t try as hard because now we are “resting in God.”

It will always be a tension and it will always be a sign of the time that false Gospels, false grace and the Anti-Christ spirit will come into the picture and try to distract us from the truth. The enemy wouldn’t even want to breath lies( although he does all the time) he would rather for us to not look at Jesus. Jesus looked to the heavens and ‘did as He saw the Father doing..was always working.’ and in that violent pursuit He was able to overcome because the gaze was not on His own power or His own strength, but His trust was in God the Father.

This season has been wonderful in learning how to press in to Him in times when you might not feel like you are feeling His nearness, or feeling Him at all.



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