Patiently Waiting

Patiently waiting,
Patiently investing,
A Song of Songs season of
Skipping with You, of learning
To love you better,
Stuck in the weather
Of better days of daydreaming
And no because,
Beauty is in this world hidden
Behind dark and clouds and
The cracks that are permanent
Upon the pavement—backseat
You always did sit, quiet and
Patient, flowered is the pattern
That provokes the cynic,
That moves the relic that sits
In me, younger was better,
Younger was November,
Was every kind of broken
Weather—you can sit here
All day—love has come to
Take its place in me—
Desires are fallen,
The world is rolling over
Me and these dreams—
The ingrate by the gate
Has come to welcome me,
I am fallen and in despair,
Sunglasses to cover these
Tears, for dads never showed
Their pain, instead yelled
It plain like the train that
Wakes me up, that lives in
This town,
Heart is the guard I wear,
Pain has always gotten me
Here—like a rental this body
Is, in the mental dark still
Remains, but light will later
Claim and consume
Fears—I am not fully known,
Not yet, but I will bet it will
Be the best kind of pleasure—
To be without fear, or without
Shame—to love with no fear
Will one day soon appear–
I wait patiently for the end
To come, to see You face to

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