Fear Thoughts

Fear so friendly
Come up to know me,
Upon the waters you walked,
Deep in my soul it yearns for
Control, how can I ever not
Fear without being known,
It’s beauty is in front of me
Daily, those stares, those flares,
Those firework flares, empty docks,
No socks, fire from within never
Did get those who gave all,
Who gave up control,
Father, never stayed to long
Anyway, I won’t do that to the tribe
Of me, to the spawn of me,
To the dawn of me, to the many
I produce, for fruit is in this
Soil, oil in this lamp,
You are within all that I fear,
You are within the beauty
I long to see,
Fireworks can’t compare
To the stare of You,
Frail is me,
Braille is for me,
For I cannot see what you
Do not open,
Fear is not just a
Feeling, but a curse upon
This world, all it will do is death
Unless the fearless rise,
Unless fear becomes no more
Than just a phrase and a word

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