Kind of a mixture of some recent thoughts of life, God and ministry. By no means a judgment on anyone but a feeling of what is going on in the atmosphere.

Now that ache cannot be replaced
By a Dark Knight, by a late night fight,
By all that can never be right about
The thought of pursuit, the thoughts
Of You, the world around me that falls
And fails and circles the flame of the
Form called godly with no power to
Walk rightly—love has been the final
Fight—yet everything no one seems to
Give, ignorance is not bliss, rather it is
Just another statistic, lifetimes wasted upon
Particles and pieces of truth,
A proof text for the vortex called I never
Knew, called no one ever said, called I never
Really read the letters in red, the blood line
In the outline of the alkaline shadows of the
Cross living in the meadows of mercy I rarely
Live in—to know and to not do is sin,
To know and not to respond is as dead
As not ever having heard—so absurd, so
Unheard of to never grasp—80 years at best
To try to live it—yet life is games, life is the freeway
And the endless not needed necessities of the Hollywood
Escape—still an ache, an ache to heal, to touch, to face all
That I can say is screwed up—shadow days are over—shadow
Power is my start over—for depression kills the vision
And without it man perishes—I cannot say anymore that
I do not know what to do, rather I know not how to do it—
For no one ever says how, its rather just please keep coming,
Please keep tithing, please keep trying to appear more tolerable
Less folderol than you were before, less pliable, maybe more available,
But what is empty is man’s response, man’s hunger, that thought that
Does linger—this place should be fuller? Or is it just that fewer live for
Fullness, live to kill the dulless, I am not getting older—I am older—I know
No better thanks to mother who actually lives it—on the ground and up in
The air—she lives that turbulence, she lives through it, she lives and fights it—
Yet I am on thin air, for I want to breath short breaths, for I take to much
Advantage of long breathes He gives, for I waste away and think it doesn’t
Matter—I know better and now to live that knowledge is all that is needed

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