Just thinking of how much has happened in the last two years..

Loving oneself is the cure for a thousand aches and pains. Accepting that which God has called lovely and has called worthy of dying for. Love has its boundary upon the one who lives in fear. Just as perfect love drives out fear, fear also pushes away perfect love. So, transformation should lead to believing in what the Creator has deemed lovely, and that is each and every person on planet earth. To love yourself is not narcissim or selfish( of course, it can be) but rather, it is worship. Our temptation will always be to worship the dust and not the one that formed from the dust.

Loves a mystery, pulls me in,

2 years back things were out of whack,

Sat in the back of that beat down truck,

Broken freeway mending was needed,

Protection never heeded, 3am streaks in the

Kansas air, came back with some new fears,

Baby soon to be here, new nephew Noah did

Appear, he is here, the stars have told this story,

A sky full of stars, love’s reflection in this new direction—

Basement kind of life, sleeping next to the drainpipe,

The turbulent sound of the laundry real loud,

Poverty took a hold of me, He had me on empty,

Before He came to call me—dark days to follow,

Sleep so hollow, empty nights of the American Dream—

Where is hope? Is it always unseen? Tribulation to come—

The Tabernacle soon to come—is it out there or has it always

Been in me—I am not dumb, or foolish, I was just childish,

I was just in love with numbness, never doing it on purpose—

If it was never taught, later I learned it the hard way,

Pain to stay or pain to go—now I really do know—

Wind with me, a cold streak of nothing had to

Slowly turn to something—all the corruption,

All the darkness let in from these gifted eyes so

Bright—made to see was I, made for pleasure,

Made to not measure it out now, but only to keep

Not seeing—for blessed is me If I keep believing,

If I keep trusting—freeways call to me, everyone gets

Busy—slow is pain for in it I am just plain flesh, just

A plain mess, turn me in, turn me back to remember

You—darkness only makes the light seem brighter—

Now I feel lighter and need to rewire this gifted brain—

This gifted brain—it has hatred in it for that which you

Died for—this person of me, this man of me, this accident

Of me that can so easily be the real story—no one is no one

And that much is true—the mirror stares back at me—I will remember

The coldness of those days and the warmness of hope that now

Does stay within me—thank You for resurrection, for making me

Live and not just survive, stay powerful within me, let these eyes

Only look upon what is lovely, what is worthy, what is not full of me,

But what can only change me

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