The Time Is Near

This tent has paid its rent

And is ready for an early departure,

Sign your signature, without pain is a failure,

A numbed up kind of life is not the one I want to

Live in, president me, appoint me a ruler over many,

For sitting in the spiritual is not as special as this material,

As this linen living I do, in the sheets I stay asleep, nothing of

Hard receiving never comes easy, in the sand man puts his head—

Dead to the message, 7 months to bury to dead Ezekiel said,

Carry me to the temple, to the altar, to where Jezebel takes up

No space, unmask this charismata and the signs it brings, fire is

The measure of this desire—loved you then, love you now—but I

Am concerned in this great shaking to come, in the world growing

Numb—church is on the search for souls with reality,

Gravity has spun me silly and has killed all my happiness—

Chemicals of the world’s poison live in me—young and confused

Is the story of the abused—the Gospel frees but never comes easy—

Always costs everything—

This tent is rental, this body is thermal,

This temperature is front of center in the seat you

Sit in, next to me, next to the driving of me—

I am not in control, but I am worried I am not yet

Given all to You, all to Jesus—I am just sitting

And that is not the same as changing—

And without change I will rage, I wil

Make a show in the temple,

A pious claim—they are all the same,

The sinners that You talk to—I am better

Than them because I have it in my head—

Learning is not memorizing the facts—its

Being changed into His likeness—for the head

Of Christ is God and on this head I meditate of

Your ways—I am not sure if I will make it,

We are to good at faking it—a great falling away will

Happen first—its not time to say you don’t want to

Hear what you don’t understand—its time to hear,

Because the time of eternity is near

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