Fire Campus

Hosea 10:12

You are a permanent cigarette
Always burnt lip on it,
The tar is the scar that lives
Inside of you,
Death has lived in you,
The shadow is all around you,
This city of skyline living,
The debt you owe you cannot
Extra toothpaste
For all the waste,
Make haste to get right
To get white and clean
Tartar it has built up inside
You, your sin now claims you,
Simply simple enough to reject,
To burn like a cigarette,
Knowledge from college and
A collage full of memories,
Who’s in school?
Who still does play the fool?
Luke 12 is in store for all that
Choose the mansion and not
The man, that love the form
But have no power,
High tower is Your name,
The campus is the litmus
For a world to listen

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