The Final Fight

Love is the final fight
The final light in the candle
In the end, oil to burn, a life to
Win, I will not lose, never can in You,
Saw it clearly in the days when you felt
Not very near, hand upon the door,
Never really sure who to trust, or what
To lust for—but you were the light seeking
To get to me, the walls of brown that faded
Into me, the other end in the closets full of
Emptied hangers,
Beach days had me in,
Firework displays of those sun rays,
That way you used to talk,
The way you used to be to me,
Never good enough was the words
That came back to me,
Love is the final fight,
I cannot look back much longer,
Much more anymore, for no one is
No one and these seconds all matter—
Pain is the ladder I have climbed,
I have ascended with You by my side,
With me in my head, a sky full of You,
Of your shadow, of the coldness of how
Far you seem to be, another place,
Another country—you are everywhere
To be found but sometimes not in me—
Faker, banker, deposits please,
Glory in me, put me at ease,
I am not alone, yet that feeling of
Isolation has kept me close to You,
I am in the final fight,
In the final race,
It is not yet done,
But all that is hard and painful
I welcome, I stay quiet for that
Kind of life—to gain what cannot
Be lost, to pursue You no matter
The cost

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