Is balance the new demon to face?
That would try to erase this passion that has lived inside of me?
It feels to criminal to live less than thermal, to stay a broken heater
Without living water,
The tepid sea that lies ahead
Of me,
Front and temperature here am
I, the struggle has never not
Grown me, dug me, leaned into
Me, man wants justice without
Change, without a drastic
It’s words in red that follow me,
Magic has left,
It’s streaks bleed gray and black
And constant lack
Live around,
A healthy man is a safe
Man, whole is wholly
Full of yesterday’s failures,
Chemicals are broken but
The principles have spoken,
Balance is a deception that
Parades as wisdom,
Its safety that has killed us,
The mark of comfort,
It’s never normal to live
Less than thermal,
To stay at nominal,

Balance is to be confronted
As a front for health and
Wholeness, masked as safety
But nothing of greatness
Never has come without
Risk, with holding back,
Without fear of burn out,
A flame consumes,
A flame sustains,
It protects love
From looking like
Anything that is not Holy

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