Clouds To Sit Under

you know how to handle the clouds above
You, but the dirt is the flirt with you–
Its particles I build upon–
Storms come and storms go
But the bigger man gets more wind,
Gets more to rescind,
Gets more to comprehend–
Weather me a new story,
Give me the forecast
Do I have what will last?
I walk, I grow, I cry, I die slowly
More each day–I embrace the sunless
Moments and the sinless man above the
Clouds, riding them to help me,
Faithful is a few found man,
Love is profuse from the lips
Of the sincere, but who has walked
With fear, who has walked with crippled
Visions? Who has made it through disappointment–
Who has carved out a place for Him to rest His head–
Who has been me? Well, no one else,
Well, mirror mirror on the wall you add ten pounds
To me, you add what I cannot see–
For light is like crystal,
Like an apparition,
With a lack of light’s
Participation–I needed it when
It counted Your love unrequited!–
Now I wander,
Now I pander,
Now I have nothing else to offer
But a life and a love that I will
Not squander but their are clouds

To sit under, when their is still sister, brother

And mother to listen too-
To fail is to not try,
To not try is to not believe–
To not believe is to bury the talent–
To do this is to not live at all
To misunderstand kindness
And to replace it with
Stinginess–I will not despise
Your generosity no matter how
Much lies would come at me

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