End Is Near, Pain Is Here

Blind men get stuck
Decrease the increase that
Could come to me,
I drift, I count the dents
In space that you make
To get my attention,
I am alive, I am here,
I am near Your voice,
It’s an alcohol trash can
Next to me, it’s a deflated
Gravity, it’s an electric city,
I am dull on lights, dull on the
Bright’s that used to come to me,
I was alive when I was young
Now youth has rotted out,
It’s purity was to me pure but
Now I am not really sure
Poverty is a gift for it unwraps
The riches we think we have—
It stays fragile, it stays frugal,
Yet I think I have everything
Because I have no enemies—
Because I can carry my bible
Around this town—
Electric man, please light up
The crisis that is ahead of me,
The collision of a collusion that
Won’t be stopped until all is covered
In righteousness,
Alkaline dreams, nicotine seams to
Stitch me up, to now sew me a new
Garment of righteous—
The end is near,
But am I ready?
Or has pain overtaken me?

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