Night Time Line

Sat. night time
Faded poetry,
Heartbreak dreamer–
Southland tales,
City of dreams, of
Streams of dead end living-
Cigarettes for the forsaken,
Alcohol for the fallen,
But failure is not new to
The drugs I supply for you–
For feeling lower, has created
More problems-
Sin is separation,
And always separated
Leaves one absent
From being present–
For shame kills the moment,
Kills the present, Kills
the next 30 minutes ahead
Of me–night train, I hear you
Nightly, your reflection is my
Protection from the night mares,
All that I love comes to me at night–
I am sleepless in the fight,
I am restless until success is mine,
Until power is mine,
I am so distracted by all the
One’s I need to impress,
Hear me now, Hear it
Somehow, I need silence
I need the watches of the night

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