This Place

An empty Saturday
A lonely parade of the same thing
Half heated arguments over half
heated requirements,
Half heated caffeine inside
The weekend machine–
Sun shines brightly,
I live wrongly,
I transgress with what I don’t
Do, with who I don’t talk to,
Rapture ready tries to work itself
Out, do I still wonder if I can leave
This place? If I can escape the pain
Of mundane? For many don’t embrace it,
Don’t live present, don’t try to work out
Every ounce of the energy that has
Been given for today–
I want the weekend to never end,
For hours of gamma rays to overtake,
But could I make just that one big
Mistake–And do what I always do
Without drawing near to that place
Called walking with You, Knowing
And hearing You–fighting with all of
My might to break away from this
Shell, to not just avoid Hell,
But to feel the power of today,
Of its present presence upon
Me–Can we do that? Can we
Embrace this place?

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