8th Grade Paper Mache

I have always been a Mat Kearney fan and his recent album called Just Kids is awesome so far! He has rarely let me down but in rocking out to it this past week it has inspired more of “remember those days” reflections. I am grateful for the journey. 8th grade is when the Ruckus started( you could say:)

Paper Mache Days
Beads and scissors,
Life never was for forever
Big City burrito in between
Those bike chases,
Those high dives,
Those endless high fives
Those 8th grade lovers they were
Spin the bottle in your basement
Cross dresser of a dreamer I was
Reversed the curse of shy was I
Living like truth made me confident
But really it was fear that was my energy
It was backwards Karma that was my
Paper Mache in pieces,
All of them knocked on the floor,
Just a child,
Just really wild,
Just really didn’t know what was
In me, what did drive me out of that
House, out of that place,
Worked together for good,
Felt like bad reigned over us,
Do I have a message?
I kissed her then and then
Again, it was 8th grade innocence
Not much longer,
Smoked that weed up the mountain
Told AJ by the mall fountain,
Guilt was a weapon that forged
Against me,
Turbulence was the reason we
Departed, the reason we got restarted,
Paper Mache days,
Rainstick for the dry weather to
Change, for Colorado to rearrange
All to say,
Past is over,
8 now is a new beginning that
Has followed me,
I can’t take back the touch of
Messing it up, I saved it for no one,
I spent it on my dreams,
Like Paper Mache–
It seems strong,
Its glue says adhesive,
But I say my mind is
I can’t get the bad
Memories out

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