Is one plus one,

Its equation is not equal for He was made just a little

Lower, He was this desire that has laid ahold of Me

I am not positive, I am not negative

I am desire, I am equal to the lowest man on the


Your secrets possessed me now–who will go for me?

Send me is what the Prophet says–but He cannot say it

Until He sees what He is and HAS to say yes to–

Glory supersedes skill and intention and your fallacies

are measured in the moments that you

Risk is a disc that spins in Your head–

You are near! You are the numbers

It spins and sins against me–

His commands stretch out over my lifetime–

Numbers and days–it all adds up to a risk

Like a disc that spins in Your head–

I will risk it, I will risk the numbers to

Be spent on You,

If it doesn’t cost something

Than it won’t last–

Give me the numbers I need

To live fully for You

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