The I am

TODAY”s poem

is from yesterday’s suffering,

For last year’s buffering,

From wasted seconds now

Worth discovering–

“Revisions of old decisions”

To rewrite my life with you in it,

To give to you all that I can be,

To share it with not just me,

And this paper, and me in this

Discovery of every adventure I can count–

You will endlessly love those stories of

Connection, those tales of non-fiction,

Those days of much friction with this

Cracked and broken creation–

Now I wait, I wait for change,

But I do not sit still in loving

You still, until the end you loved

Them again, you washed their feet

For unworthy are these blisters,

Unworthy is my feet, for injustice

Has been done in the things I call

Fun and recreation, yet I have recreated

Many different ways to snub you out–

And that is where I am,

With you, the great I AM!

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