Lost you at sea,

Shipwrecked for the Gospel,

Island called hostile, called

Nineveh, called it nirvana when

I went upward back when,

Blonde haired mystery unlocked

Me, ‘turn around and run’ who has

Stayed long enough to hurt,

Who has tarried with the wind that

Sails against me,’ Am I not like Paul?

Am I just like King Saul? Am I not sought

At after all? Am I addicted to this sugar taste,

This caffeine tower I live in,

Target on my heart,

Target like a mark,

Am I extravagant?

Am I loosing it?

Am I not like the rest of them

At the round table of confusion,

At this place of erosion—I am

Never together but never alone,

Mysteries to the nations,

Mysteries unfolded,

The closest I’ve ever come

To loving does not even

Compare, even to the hers

Of the past or the memories

That still last, or that drain that

Has been circled—My life is not

Undone, I have not cried ‘WOE!’

I have not asked for it all,

But I have been bothered,

I have been uneasy at doing

Anything that does not have

Christ at the center

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